Thursday, January 24, 2013

Another thick envelope

For real

This came in the mail today.

Holding it in my hands is a reminder to watch my words, watch my actions, watch my thoughts and appearance and behavior.

I am a representative of Jesus Christ, simply by virtue of the fact that I have been baptized into his church and have promised to be.

But, in a week and a half when I get set apart and put this nametag on, the responsibility (and the privileges and powers of that responsibility) will be so much more real. There is no going back. There is no CTRL-Z. I'll only wear this nametag once.

A challenge

In the envelope with the two nametags and the flight itinerary came a pass-along-card. A simple piece of cardstock with a painting of the resurrected Savior and an invitation to start the process of getting closer to him printed on the back.

There was no note or explanation given for the presence of this card. There didn't need to be one.

It was as if church travel were saying: we've given you nametags; God's given you everything. Now give him something back. Your conscience knows what to do with this, and the Spirit will show you how.

It's in English. It's for the airplane.

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