Thursday, June 27, 2013

week 20: A Religious Message

Attention Mormons: Many of you may have watched a broadcast from the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve about unifying missionaries and members in the work of salvation. If you have not watched it, watch it because it's amazing and you will probably cry, and because it will help you know what you can do to help the missionaries. You prayers are always welcome, and we are incredibly grateful for when you feed us dinner, but this is the most important thing, the thing that will make you feel right before your Heavenly Father and will be everlasting joy with you and your friends: share the gospel with the people you know.

The word "gospel" means ´good news.´ What do we do when we hear some news? We share it. So let's get sharing :)

Honestly, it wasn't until I came on the mission that I really understood how much of a blessing it is to have this restored gospel. It means that the decisions I make in my life - the morals I have, the service I give - I do because that only true and eternal God tells me to. Not because me or a pastor studies a lot and interprets the Bible and concludes that I should do it, but because God is speaking to his prophets and apostles - who are filling the very same office that Peter, James, and John filled all that time ago - and is guiding us, really guiding us through this life and back to him.

And if you're not Mormon, think about meeting with the missionaries. I'm not crazy, and I'm not here for no reason. This is the only completely true and living church. I love you guys, and for this reason, I'm not afraid to say all this all.

Much love and prayers. Until next week =)

Hermana Ison

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