Monday, January 14, 2013

Llamada a Servir

Well. It's been a while. Life is a whirlwind, is it not?

My mission call came! Of course. It arrived on December 1, a day after I'd anticipated its arrival. Mom called at like 11:17 a.m., as I was getting dressed to go to our church's annual nativity event. I think I had one shoe on, and most of a blouse, when she said the words, "A letter came in the mail today..." And I screamed. So loud, in fact, that Taylor and Elise from next door became quite concerned. I assured them that everything was most definitely most (and more than!) okay.

It still is.

In the month and a half since I read that letter (in a young women's room full of Chirstmas-colored, incredibly supportive, patient and loving friends and family who tolerated my freaking out all day with shared mission stories and smiles), I've watched two other friends prepare to leave on their missions and have continued the process myself. It's good.

Here are some things I've been doing:
- writing in my journal
- reading Preach My Gospel (the manual for missionaries) and taking notes on the basics of the gospel principles
- praying morning and night, on my knees
- trying to be nicer to my family
- hugging everyone, a lot
- checking out all kinds of Guatemala-related material from the library, and reading things online. So far I've learned 1/5 people have internet access, 1/30 drive a car, the money is named after the beautiful quetzal birds, there is a free press, there's Spanish plus over 20 Amerindian languages, etc...
- reading a lot of the Pearl of Great Price (a book of additional scripture Mormons have) and taking the temple prep lessons to prepare to go to the temple, where I'll make covenants with God to live righteously and learn holy truths and of additional blessings

I've said this before, and maybe you've seen me, grinning from ear to ear. That's because the first time it came out, I marveled. The words sounded so extreme, all-encompassing; I didn't want to say them without meaning them. But they're true, completely true, and I love the chance I have to utter them. This time is good. This work is hastening. The church is true.

And I've never been happier in my entire life.

If we're Facebook friends, you can watch me open my mission call letter here:

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