Monday, April 29, 2013

Week 12: That Family Just Needs One Big Hug From Jesus

Four falsities we're working hard to mythbust here in Mazate, Guatemala

1. 'I have to make breakfast' and 'It looks like it's going to rain' are good excuses for not going to church.

One day I said, 'Hermana, did you just tell me that you don't have time for God?' She said, 'Of course I have time for him, just later in the afternoon. My nephew's birthday party is this morning.'

2. Praying works better if you speak and breathe during it with a rhythm that sounds like you're giving birth.

I don't actually do anything to counter this, just listen with interest.

3. Saying 'primeramente Dios' excuses you from actually doing anything that would qualify as putting God primero (first).

Dude. I just pray for patience.

4. All the churches are the same.

If you have a good answer for this, let me know. We all are worshipping the same God, but there's the restored authority in this church that doesn't exist anywhere else. It's hard to explain all that to somebody on the street, though, let alone help them feel or actually believe it.

Well, my companion was a really speedy writer today and we have to go to the stake center, so I'll just say that on Saturday we had our first baptism and it was awesome! A 75 year old man named Juan. He's so sweet, and so happy to belong to this community in the church now. 

I had prepared lots more details and a sad story that relates to the title of this email and also a hopefully amusing description of transportation in Guatemala but it'll have to wait til next time! Sorry for the rather lame message this week, and please do believe that there are lots of incredibly cool and powerful and interesting people here in Guatemala, and not everyone says annoying things like those I listed above. The church is so true and I am happy here and, above anything else, God is so good.

Oh, and Brigham French once told me that mission work is all about numbers. I scoffed at that, but got here and found out he's almost right. I certainly is about talking to lots of people, but I think it might be ever more about timing. God is always preparing people to remember the truths they've heard once before... we just have to find them in the moments of their lives when they're ready for them.

Good luck with everything and all the moments life will bring you this week!

Much love,
Hermana Ison

P.S. I've been in the field for as long as I was in the CCM now. The time here in Mazate went much faster.

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