Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Week 22: Baby This Week Was a Firework

Hola todos!

I hope you've all been very well! Enjoying the summertime and living life right.

This week was crazy for lots of reasons. Here are a few:

- We spent 5 hours in recycled American school busses on Tuesday, travelling to a place called The Machine to have our district meeting, way out in the middle of nowhere but with a growing congregation, and also dropping my companion off at the mission office in Reu so that she could go to Guatemala City to finalize her visa stuff to go to Mexico. She was supposed to come back on Thursday morning but instead came back on Friday afternoon, and then was supposed to leave on Sunday but is in fact still here. We don't know when she'll go but hope it's after tomorrow, because we heard a rumor we get to go to the temple. My feelings about her leaving are mixed because I love her so much but I know she needs to be where the Lord wants her, and me too. We're just kind of living one day at a time and loving it.

- The time my companion was gone, I was with my mom, my first mission companion. We worked mostly in my area, and found a whole bunch of really cool people to share the gospel with. Olga, who lost her son and husband earlier in the year, within 3 months of each other. Walter, who had lost his dad a day earlier - we just sang a hymn with him, watched the tears pool in his eyes, and are going to come back this week when the grief is not so raw. Edgar, who was baptized 18 years ago but stopped attending church shortly after because of his work schedule, who wants to start coming back but didn't know how - we found him one night right before we had to be home. when he was walking his little daughter up and down the street so she'd get tired to go to sleep.

- And Luis Fernando, who is a bullet point all to himself. We found him in the park, just sitting there, looking down. He'd lost his job 20 days ago, found his wife cheating on him with another man a week earlier, and found out his mom died 3 days before. He said he really had no hope. He wanted to run away to the US or kill himself, but couldn't find the energy to do either and didn't really want to abandon his 3 little girls. We talked to him, and it was incredible. A scripture that had come to my mind that morning in study time without me even knowing why was the perfect thing to share with him - my companion and I both felt it. We talked to him and prayed with him, and in the course of this found out one of the reasons he doesn't have a lot of hope is because it's hard to find good work these days if you can't read. Fortunately, the church offers free classes to learn how to read and write every weekday in this area. We told him about this, and bought him some lunch, and he went everyday this week. Hopefully he'll get his life turned around :)

No more time because I'm trying to make a CD of talks from General Conference to give to one of our investigators who wants to get baptized but still isn't too sure about living prophets. It's hard when she doesn't have internet or a TV or anything, but she'll be able to put this in her CD player and listen to President Monson and Dieter F. Uchtdorf, and feel the Spirit and feel even more strongly that they are men called of God to guide us.

I know this is the only fully true church is true and I love you guys and everybody here a whole big bunch.

Take care,

Hermana Victoria Ison

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