Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Week 23: Cows and Palm Trees- and Baptisms and New Companions

So, my new companion came on Monday right after I wrote you all, and we were in trio for 24 hours, during which we got to go to the temple in Xela again. It was so beautiful! And a perfect place to say goodbye to an incredible young woman. Hermana Martinez has arrived in Mexico and is adjusting. I am secretly very pleased that she too has to get used to another culture, but I love her a ton and am over and abundantly grateful that we were companions.

Hermana Garcia is my new companion. She's from Honduras and 19 too, even younger than me! We left the CCM at the same time. I really think that when we have changes in a week and a half they're going to leave her here and move me somewhere else, because we get along so easily and just kind of automatically started teaching well together. She's really smart and devoted and pilas, which is a word in Spanish that means batteries but is used in slang to mean always ready to work and comes up with good ideas - a little bit reminiscent of the Energizer Bunny, but not at all annoying.

Anyway, today we went to the beach and it was sooooooo beautiful. There were hardly any people there and it was really peaceful. ¨How Great Thou Art¨ is the hymn it made me think of. And it was great to just get away from things and relax for a while. But it was far away and we haven't cleaned the house or bought any food or washed any laundry yet, and we're not going to have time to... Oh well! :)

Also it was fun to be in a bus full of missionaries contacting all the people who sat by us.

I thought I wasn't hardly ever going to ride in a school bus again after high school - in fact, I remember clearly the moment of triumphantly stepping down from the bus after the last track meet, thinking now I was grown up becuase I'd be moving on past schoolbusses - but they're actually the transportation system here in Guatemala. Recyled American schoolbusses, painted all sorts of colors and packed to the BRIM with people. I LOVE IT. It would never, ever work in the States to do transportation like they do here in Guatemala, but it's simple and brillant and chill and a lot of fun.

The long ago promised email all about transportation will come someday, but there was just a taste.

And the taste because we spent a lot of time in busses this week and last. On Friday we went again to the area called The Machine, along with all the other missionaries in our district, just to visit the people who are members of the church but have stopped going for some reason or another. There are a ton in this area, and it makes it hard to invite new people to visit when the congregation is kind of small and not that... pilas. :) But it was awesome to viist with several of these really cool families and be motivated to be strong in the church para siempre.

Now we're out of time, but we also had a baptism this week and I will send lots of pictures next week, if I can.

Love you bunches!

(And if it's hot there, at least you have the promise of fall and winter coming sometime!)


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