Monday, July 22, 2013

Week 24: BREVITY

In reflective mode: it was a year ago exactly that I was in London for the Olympics, studying at Kings College London and participating in the Fulbright Summer Program. I`m so grateful for that organization and for the experience. Even though the country I`m in now is completely different, it prepared me a lot to be here becoming part of another country and losing parts of who I was before.

I told a 17 year old kid we met this week that God has transformed me. Though its unlike me to use words like that, I realized when they came out of my mouth that they`re absolutely true. I have no idea how I`m here, surrounded by strangers that so easily become friends, speaking fluently now a language that confounded me for years, preaching a gospel that`s eternal and true.

I started out not wanting to go on a mission and wanting to take French, but over time, here a little and there a little, God has guided my decisions and given me people who have helped me get here. I really believe he has even molded my desires, working with the small but earnest desire I gave him of wanting to be the daughter and person he wanted me to be. I remember being so confused last August, unhappy, and getting a blessing from Ian Kleeberg in which God, through him and the power of the priesthood and the Holy Ghost, conveyed to me that I should not worry, that God was guiding my steps.

He was, even earlier than that, even before I noticed, and even when I didn't think I was doing a very good job of letting him lead my life. Religious and spiritual terminology is misleading at times, and I don't know if the words I`m saying mean the same things to everyone else as they do in my head. But for me it amounts to turning yourself over to God. Entregado a Dios.

Because we can only do so much on our own, but he can do anything. And if we want to be better, the only way to get there is to let him work in us.

So let him work in you, and see what blessings it will bring.

I love you guys so much. Be kind.

Hermana Victoria

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