Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Week 30: More and More Miracles

There is an 18 year-old girl living on the very edge of Armenia, an aldea of San Martin, in Retalhuleu Guatemala, who is changing my life. Her name is Yosselin, and you've heard about her twice already. She followed us in the rain, and then came to the temple. This week she had some super awesome questions, and we answered them in some very spiritual lessons.

Then, on Saturday, she came to a baptism. She cried. Afterward, she was so close to committing to her baptismal date, but then shared with us some of her doubts, and that her family said she's be a disgrace to the church where they go if she got baptized. So we talked, and basically cried, and knelt in prayer together.

She stayed with us afterward for a ward talent show - and she sang! A gospel song. It was so beautiful, I got goosebumps. But then some other acts went on, and they involved pop music and dancing. At the end, she sat there astounded, and told us she didn't want to be part of a church that permits worldly music. (She comes from a religion where nothing but gospel music is allowed, dancing is a huge no-no, and girls can only where skirts.) We explained to her about agency - the ability to choose for ourselves between the good and the bad. And I bore her my testimony that it is not, in fact, easy to be Mormon.

She left not convinced, and we prayed so hard that everything would be okay with her and that she'd come to church in the morning. It took some convincing slash pleading Sunday morning, but in the end she came smiling, and had a spiritual experience. We had a really good lesson with her and her family on Sunday night, and have another one planned for tonight. She told us she's praying hard for her answer, and is confident it will come.

I am too, because God answers prayers.

So we'll see if she doesn't get baptized this week :) Pray for her, please! And for us, so we know how to be good missionaries to her.


The other crazy miracle of yesterday is that we were teaching this 20 year old kid, Jorge, who is about to graduate and be a teacher. Everytime we go it's just a really straightforward lesson, no small talk. We don't have a lot of confidence with him, but we do feel the whisperings of the Spirit in the lessons. Yesterday was our fourth lesson with him and we taught about the moral and behavioral standards of the church. At the end, we were about to finish, and I felt prompted to invite him to be baptized. I honestly didn't think he was going to say yes yet...

But he did! And then asked if he could do it this weekend instead of the one after.

So... I testify to you all that this gospel I'm preaching is true. It changes people's lives and it will never finish changing mine.

If you believe in Jesus Christ, try to apply more his teachings in your life. He's waiting for you.


Hermana Ison

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