Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Week 36: A Collection of Little, Guatemalan, Missionary Moments

This week was pretty normal. Here's a few glimpses of some of the stranger moments:
1. Yosselin's dog
We have been visiting a lot with Yosselin, our amazing recent convert. In fact, she's done divisions with us to help us bring everyone to church on Sundays. Her dad doesn't like her to be out after dark, but little does he know... she has a magic guard dog! His name is Whinnie, like Whinnie the Pooh. He is very muscular and walks like a supermodel, and follows us all over her aldea to the houses of the people we teach. He protects us. Soon we will teach him how to bear his testimony, and give him a nametag :)
2. The 43 cent dress
Have I written about MegaPacas? They're like giant Goodwills, warehouse style. All the clothes are slightly used and imported from the U.S. We went last week on Pday and I found this beautiful, blue polkadotted dress, with the tags still on it. Supposedly cost $63 in the States... I bought it for 3 quetzales, or less tan 50 cents! Also found a teddy bear for my wonderful companion. Miracles of the MegaPaca.
3. Foaming at the Mouth
Last night we went to give the Book of Mormon to one of our investigators. She's 13 and lives with her grandpa, but a lot of her family are recently baptized members of the church. She was there with her other cousin, who's 11. They were very preocupied, looking into this cardboard box... Turns out a spider had bitten their other cousin's dog. It was there, dying, convulsing, foaming at the mouth. Poor pup. We sang it,¨Nearer My God to Thee¨ and offered a prayer so that it could live peacefully its last moments.
4. Signs of the Times
My ex-companion may be the first in our misión to start Facebooking! Her back is messed up, so she can't walk that much. The word on the street is that she'll start Facebook contacting this week. Wow!
Not to much to report, just that I know God answers prayers and his love is real. Take care, make good choices, and serve somebody!
Hermana Ison

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