Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Week 37: Cows and Testimonies

Sorry guys, I don't have that much time today! In summary: God is great and the church is true and we should be patient and dilligent in all things. Prayer is magnificent.

We are teaching the cousin of one of our recent converts. This week we brought Jorge with us to teach his cousin about the Plan of Salvation. It was special because they both lost their moms when they were younger, and my companion has lost a lot of members of her family too. Jorge was able to teach part of the lesson, and my companion and I both looked at each other and felt such joy to see him enjoying able to play this role of missionary and help his cousin! It was a cryfest but it was beautiful. 

Jorge also shared his conversion story, which I had never heard in full before. Turns out he'd had a dream two days before we ran into him in which all his friends had been attacked and killed for hanging out in the street. He said he'd been on the edge of getting into some bad things but felt like the dream was a warning from God. Two days later, in drizzling rain, he left his house to go buy bread. We were coming down the hill, in a hurry, but my companion stopped to contact him as he passed. I thought then that he was just some other kid, but since the first meeting in his house, the Spirit has been so strong. He talked about how he prayed and got his answer, It is so, so incredible, to get to hear a testimony that you helped grow. Just like Jorge said, I know that God takes care of every single one of his children, and he really does answer prayers.

Funny story of the week: We were waiting on a street corner to meet Yosselin to go visit people. But when I see street corner, it's an intersection with one direction of pavement and three directions of dirt road. Small talking with my companion, I see a guy we used to teach walk buy. We say hi, and then he says, Watch out for the cow....

I do a full, exagerrated turn and see this cow just walking up the street! Then comes a baby one, and a teenage boy taking care of them. They're grazing on the side of the street. It's pretty epic. 

I'm standing there in awe, really, really close to two cows, and then a lady walks by. I remember I'm a missionary and should talk to her, and so try to open my mouth to start a conversation. What comes out is, Look, there's cows!

Probably don't have to tell you that we did not end up going to her house to teach her about the gospel. But my companion and I got some good laughs.

Hope you're all doing great! Love you lots. 

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