Thursday, January 9, 2014

Week 46: Fast Thoughts from Guatemala

Well, I know that I've been here long enough to be fully adjusted and consecrated to the mission, because now I have to make the choice between writing to you guys and going to print out pictures to give to all my converts and the members in this area if they transfer me on Wednesday and.... I'm leaning toward printing out pictures :)

The time is so short today because we had an amazing P-day activity as a zone. We piled into a bus and went up winding mountain roads to an area called Palmar. The legend is that 40 years ago the people that lived there were really wicked and mobbed the missionaries. Three months later, the volcano that towers over the area erupted. The government warned them but the people in Palmar were too hardhearted to leave. Their town was destroyed and many people died.

Today they're starting to rebuild a bit, but we drove past all that to this beautiful overlook where there's a wood plank and cable footbridge that lets you cross high above a rushing river. When you get to the other side, there's a small footpath, carved out by locals who bring firewood from the deserted land. You walk through and there's just high grass and rocks and African looking trees. It's quiet and peaceful and quite extensive. At the end there's a beautiful lake.

We got to go and spend the morning there, and it was beautiful to relax and marvel about nature and God. We climbed up a hill and shouted to hear the echoes, and sang hymns. I love life.

Leaving, we passed through the ruins of an old Catholic church and cemetery, and then we went to eat lunch as a zone, where one of the elders had cooked us a delicious soup from Ecuador.

Now I have to go print out pictures, because it's very possible that I will have changes on Wednesday. Which I think is probably a good thing because I've gotten super comfortable in my area and with my companion. We've seen a lot of miracles, lives changed... This week Yosselin went visiting with us and basically taught the restoration lesson. I don't know how to describe the peace that I felt, knowing that 4 months ago she didn't know or believe any of this, but the Holy Spirit has worked a change in her heart and mind, and now her testimony is as strong as mine. I hope she keeps sharing it. She will be a great missionary one day.

Other miracle, we've been teaching this family where the husband hasn't been to church in like 5 years, except to play soccer in the evenings, and the wife belonged to a different church before they got married. When we first started, they were pretty reluctant to make changes in their lives. But we had an amazing lesson about the Atonement and it's incredible to see them start studying the scriptures and coming to church with smiles and dress clothes on.

Really, we don't have any excuses. Yes, God will forgive us a million times. Yes, he is infinitely patient.

But Jesus suffered everything. Everything.

And he gives us everything. Why shouldn't we choose the right?

Love you lots! Until next week :)


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  2. de que los milagros existen, existen, y bueno es sierto hace 4 o 5 meses atras yo no sabia nada de la restauracion pero en el transcurso del tiempo he aprendido mucho, de unas exelentes misioneras.